Tuesday, May 29, 2012

How To Clean Your Brushes

A designer makeup brush can cost $40, $60 or even $80 dollars. Face it ladies, these are an investment! Therefore, it’s imperative you take proper care of these delicate tools. There are several products and techniques designed to effectively remove residue from your makeup brush, without damaging the bristles.

To keep brushes in optimal condition, there are some worthy purchases for every budget:

Left: Bobbi Brown Conditioning Brush Cleaner, $16.50
Right: Elf Brush Shampoo, $3

            There is a wide range of brush grooming products and prices will vary. To cut costs, you can even wash your brushes efficiently with baby shampoo. Just be sure to use something gentle, so the bristles don’t become dry and brittle.

DIRECTIONS:   Gently massage a small amount of the concentrated cleanser into the damp brush head. As you rinse, use lukewarm water. Next, pat the bristles dry with a towel and shape as necessary.
REMEMBER:     Dry brushes lying flat. It is pivotal you allow your brushes to dry horizontally, rather than upright in a glass. If you insist on drying them vertically, the quality of your brushes will reduce significantly. The remaining water in the bristles will trickle down into the metal base, also known as the ferrule. As the water collects, it loosens the glue that keeps the bristles in place. You can probably see where the disaster is headed. The bristles will shed off the brush and onto your face. Let’s be honest, no one wants to walk out of the house with whiskers!

XO Taylor

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