Friday, June 15, 2012


          Do you feel like the day is too short, like you have twice as much work and half the time to complete it? Unless you live in some kind of euphoria, this exhausting feeling is rather commonplace in contemporary culture. These days, it is seemingly impossible to lead a successful life without depriving yourself of that much-treasured beauty sleep. Is it such a bad thing? I'll let you decide.
Weight Loss 
     Sleep helps regulate appetite! A plethora of studies show that when your body is sleep deprived, the hormones in your body become imbalanced, triggering a larger appetite. If you think you'll be craving fruits and veggies, think again! Realistically, your body will be fiending for foods high in carbohydrates, fat, and calories. Makes sense. After all, if your body isn't getting enough energy from sleep, you'll subconsciously compensate by retrieving energy from simple carbohydrates because these carbohydrates deliver energy the quickest.

     Sleep helps boost memory! When sleep deprived, your brain will often have difficulties recalling facts, lessons, faces, or even conversations. When well rested, not only are you able to recall important facts, but also you're able to better process new experiences and knowledge. 

     Sleep helps repair the body! Ever notice how one wild night out can trigger the common cold? It's probably from a lack of sleep. While asleep, your body produces extra protein molecules which are created to support your immune system. By this, sleep helps fight infection while keeping your body in optimal condition. 

     Sleep prevents stress! A good night's sleep is proven to lower blood pressure and stress hormones, which are inevitable results of today's fast paced world. Moreover, stress gives rise to your body's amount of cortisol, which is proven to support weight gain, decrease muscle tissue and bone density, and hinder your cognitive performance. Yikes!

     Sleep helps prevent diabetes! Research demonstrates that sleep prevents type 2 diabetes. How? Sleep affects the way your body processes glucose, which is the carbohydrate your body utilizes for fuel. Studies show that adults who get fewer than five hours of sleep a night have a greatly higher risk of developing diabetes.
Mood Disorders
     Sleep improves your mood! When deprived of sleep, people are typically grumpy or agitated the following day. Unfortunately, when this is a chronic habit, studies demonstrate that it can lead to long-term mood disorders such as depression or anxiety.

Heart Health
    Sleep helps keep blood pressure and cholesterol at normal levels! The cardiovascular system is chronically under pressure. Luckily, sleep helps decrease your body's stress and inflammation: the two factors that are linked to disease and strokes.

        These aren't even all the reasons you should get an adequate amount of sleep. However, I thought this list was overwhelming enough! As you can see, it's imperative that you prioritize those Z's if you want to live a high-quality lifestyle.

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