Friday, June 8, 2012

Timing Is Everything

     Timing is everything. And now is the time to lather on the sunblock because 1 in 5 Americans will be diagnosed with skin cancer in their lifetime. Unfortunately, only 1 in 5 wear sunscreen on a daily basis. Chances are you're one of the four Americans who neglect to wear UV protection. However, there are no more excuses!

Common Excuse: "Sunscreen feels too greasy."
Solution: Go for products devoid of ingredients octyl stearate and polyglyceryl

Common Excuse: "The chemicals in sunscreen are far worse than the sun damage."
Solution: In actuality, there is no proven evidence that the chemicals in sunscreen harm humans. In contrast, UV damage is a proven carcinogen. If you still feel uneasy, try a broad-spectrum sunblock that is all natural such as Josie Maran Argan Sun Protection for Body SPF 30+

Common Excuse: "I have dark skin and don't burn easily."
Solution: Wear sunscreen anyway. Although it's true that the darker your pigmentation, the more melanin your body has, meaning you boast more natural protection. However, people with dark skin are still at risk for skin cancer. The reason? People with darker skin are more likely to find the cancer in overlooked areas such as hands and feet. By the time the cancer is found, it has already advanced. 

Natural tan skin doesn't render you immune to UV rays

Common Excuse: "Sunscreen gives me acne."
Solution: Avoid rich, oil-based sunscreens. Many chemicals in sunblocks don't necessarily cause pimples, but they are known to worsen existing acne. Try purchasing sunblock with a short ingredient list. That way, you're less likely to stumble upon irritating components. Try MD Sciences SPF 30+ Screen Gel

Between 1970 and 2009, Melanoma among young women skyrocketed - increasing eightfold. Some risk factors include family history, a blistering sunburn, tanning-bed use, having fair skin or light eyes, and living in a sunny or high-altitude area. 

Miranda Kerr, shielding her face with a broad rim hat

Although sunscreen can be inefficient, it is still better than a bare bod. When possible, wear sunglasses and hat to supplement the sunblock. 

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