Friday, June 1, 2012

Which Season Are You?

            While clothing shopping, ever wonder why you gravitate toward some colors while snubbing others? Perhaps it's because you're (sub)consciously complying with your color wheel! The color wheel, a pivotal element in any fashionistas style map, encourages you to choose the perfect hues for your complexion. Dominated by the seasons, color wheels allow you to highlight exquisite features, preventing you from looking washed out. So, which season are you? To streamline the process, I have created a chart!

If you're a Summer...
People with your look usually have little contrast between eye, hair, and skin color. To look your best, choose soft, muted colors with icy undertones. Go for pastel shades and try to avoid deep, intense colors as it is often too harsh.

Reese Witherspoon, Summer

If you're a Winter...
The winter wheel is dominated by deep, rich jewel tones. People in this category often have a lot of contrast between eye, hair, and skin color.
Megan Fox, Winter

If you're a Spring...
You probably have ivory skin with warm, golden undertones. To really make your coloring pop, it's a good idea to wear very bright, warm-based colors such as aqua, peach, and golden brown. Those who fall into the Spring category who have darker skin also look great in lime green and orange.
Blake Lively, Spring

If you're an Autumn...
If you're in this category, you likely have a lot of depth to your coloring and look best in both muted and rich earth tones. Such colors include olive, brown and khaki.  
Stacy Keibler, Autumn

            Of course, you should never feel confined by your color wheel. It is simply made to demonstrate which colors will be the most flattering. 

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