Friday, January 11, 2013

Once reserved for the theater, the traditional ballerina bun has made a comeback. This time, its debut is full force, extending beyond the realm of pointe toe shoes and leotards. The conventional yet sophisticated up-do is perfect for every occasion; whether you're juggling errands or attending a ball, the bun is chicer than ever.

Ballerinas were often referred to as "bunheads" during ballets origins.

What I really love about this underrated look is that it requires no heat or hot tools, lending your strands a much deserved break. Not only that, but also it renders such a classic, versatile look while also highlighting your face.

For me, sporting a full bun doesn't come naturally. I have very fine hair, meaning that I need to employ a couple quick tricks to give the illusion of fuller head of hair. 

First method...

What you will need: hair tie, bobby pins, fine tooth comb

1. Brush and gather your hair into a ponytail. It can be as high or low on your hair shaft as you prefer. Keep the occasion in mind: are you going for a carefree, daytime look or a sleek, more sophisticated look? This will determine how tightly you choose to make your ponytail.
2. Tease your ponytail using a fine tooth comb. This will fatten your bun while lending you a better grip.
3. Next, gently twist your teased ponytail and wrap it around the base. The tighter you wrap it, the smaller the bun.
4. Tuck in the sides using bobby pins.

A messy daytime look

Second method...

From Pinterest

What you will need: a bun shaper, ponytail holders, bobby pins

1. Brush your hair and pull it back into a ponytail.
2. Pull your hair through the center of the bun shaper.
3. Tease your hair and secure pieces around the bun shaper using bobby pins.

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