Sunday, January 27, 2013

Over the past several decades there's been a substantial amount of hype concerning the abstruse health costs of diet beverages. If you drink diet sodas - especially on a recurrent basis - what are you to make of these headlines? Do you dismiss them, just as the beverage industry does, or do you retire the drink by opting for a healthier, more wholesome alternative?

Chances are you're just like the rest of us; you ignore the precautionary signs, just like you would any other stimulating vice. Fearless of any semblance of consequence, you think, "you only live once," and take a sip of an ice cold Diet Coke. Although it was previously easy to ignore the prudish naysayers, it's now impossible to deny the hard facts: diet soda is bad for your health.

With a list of impossible-to-pronounce ingredients, there are few things more caustic than a diet soda. The inarticulable ingredients are some of the worst chemicals you can put in your body - just short of rat poison. Some of the commonalities among diet drinks include artificial ingredients Aspartame, sucralose, and acesulfame potassium1. Many of these chemicals, such as Aspartame, ignite a fatal pathological process called Excitotoxity. When this occurs, nerve cells become damaged due to excessive stimulation by neurotransmitters. Why is this bad? This process can be repetitive, causing brain neurons to be excited to the point of death.

Evidently, substitute sweeteners are detrimental to your body's various systems; and, as a result, you body produces fat cells as a protective layer over your major organs, such as your liver2. Therefore, when you ask for a diet soda, you're essentially asking for protruding love handles.

Dimple-free skin is not a product of
junk food and soda.
Although most brands of soda are costly to your body's health, appetite and waistline increase are more common in people who drink diet versus regular sodas3. Even worst, the chemical ingredients also promote cellulite. Because the dimply texture of cellulite is partially a result of chemical foreign substances, it's no wonder Diet Coke is a plausible culprit. 

Apart from increasing BMIs, diet drinks promote obesity and diabetes. Even worst, they're a proven carcinogen, increasing your cancer risk 4

The company incorporated "Give Live Love" on the label,
eliciting a false impression that soda is good for your health.

If this isn't enough to shake you, I don't know what will.

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