Tuesday, February 5, 2013

A delicious fruit, fat burner, moisturizer, makeup remover, cooking additive, tanning oil, and... very firm bra. Needless to say, coconuts have proven multi-purposeful. However, the highly underrated fruit is just now breaching headlines for it's all-powerful qualities. 

We see dozens of emerging trends here in Los Angeles but this diet and beauty trick is here to stay. With over one hundred uses, the superfood seems to act as a universal solvent for all your health and beauty blunders. 

Previously deemed dietary sabotage for its saturated fats, coconut oil has ironically reclaimed its spotlight as a fat burner. The saturated fat in coconuts happen to be a particular type of fat known as MCTs (medium-chain triglycerides)1. This type of fat yields a higher calorie expenditure and is metabolized much differently than other saturated fats. While most saturated fats are stored as body fat, this kind is actually utilized as an energy source, much like carbohydrates. However, unlike carbohydrates, they don't raise your blood sugar. It's an all around win-win. 

There are many ways to incorporate the oil into your diet. Adding
coconut oil to your coffee, tea, or smoothies
is a popular favorite.
130 calories in 1 tbsp. 

Coconut oil has many uses when applied topically to your skin as well. It's a soothing remedy due to its incredible moisturizing and anti-bacterial properties. 

Common Uses:
1. Worn on lips as a natural chapstick
2. Used as a daily body moisturizer
3. Helps sooth psoriasis or eczema (some swear by this!)
4. Assists in the healing of cold sores
5. Edible massage oil (need I say more?)
6. Prevents and treats existing stretchmarks
7. Lightens age spots
8. Treats athlete's foot

Coconut milk is also a healthful addition to your diet. Popular in Thailand and neighboring countries, coconut oil and milk are common additives to their cuisines. Unlike cow's milk, research suggests that coconut milk deters cancer growth by inhibiting cancer cell production. Evidence suggests that kinetin riboside, a compound in the milk, hinders the growth of multiple myeloma and many other cancers including prostate, colon, and breast cancer2. Cow's milk, however, contains proteins known to provoke inflammatory reactions and hormones that prove counterproductive in cancer treatment. Moreover, there are known compounds in coconut milk that promote immunity and stimulate energy, two essentials in battling illness.

Even if coconuts don't necessarily satisfy your taste buds, there are ways to sneak it into your diet without sacrificing your palette. Try adding a spoonful into your breakfast smoothie or morning cup of joe. It's all natural and your body will thank you. 


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