Thursday, February 7, 2013


        There are fewer things more frustrating than slaving away at the gym all week all while maintaing your best behavior in the kitchen, when suddenly all your diligence and hard work seemingly go down the drain once you have a wild night on the town. If you like to party, chances are you're stacking up on hundreds - even thousands of calories worth of cocktails over the duration of just one weekend.

        In an attempt to cut corners, you try ordering your usual vodka soda diet instead of regular. With the same amount of vodka measured in your drink, one would assume that the alcohol content would be the same. While this is true, recent studies suggest cocktails mixed with diet soda have adverse effects on your blood alcohol content1.

        A new release by Northern Kentucky University reveals that regular mixers might extend the time it takes for alcohol intoxication to occur. Alcohol is absorbed by the body once it reaches the small intestine; however, the stomach may treat the sugar in regular mixers as if it were food. Resultantly, the alcohol doesn't reach the small intestine as quickly, slowing down intoxication2.

The artificial sweeteners may not delay stomach emptying; instead, the alcohol travels directly to the small intestine.

Well then, to order diet or regular? I'll let you decide.

2. CNN 


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