Wednesday, February 13, 2013


With the pressure of society's fast pace and the unspoken requirement to look put-together and polished, our heat-treated hair seldom gets the TLC it deserves. To treat dull, exhausted strands, many will resort to buying a high quality hair mask. While these can range upwards of $60, you can achieve synonymous results with this easy, four step do-it-yourself protein mask. Not only will this recipe leave your stands silky smooth and your wallet full, but it'll also benefit the environment as it warrants zero harsh chemicals and toxic ingredients. Need I say more?



  1. Hi!
    I always love this beauty diy!
    I don't really put it in practice but that's a good information to try it someday! :)
    Thanks for your comment
    And don't forget to stay in touch:

    with love,

  2. Well, i am searching high quality hair mask. But i have not got it from anywhere. But i have found it from your blog. You have charged 60$ for it. But i think this is much more for me. Would you please give me some discount to buy it? Thanks!

  3. Don't know if I do love the thought of eggs in my hair - but if you say so!

  4. I'm always interested in natural treatments. So I am very surprised at your new recipe. Previously, I used to use beer and avocado to create a mask for the hair. I will try this new method.


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