Sunday, March 3, 2013


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1. FOUNDATION: When estimating your favorite foundation's shelf life, there are a few details to consider. Firstly, check the list of ingredients. Is your foundation water-based? If so, it should last up to 12 months. Is your foundation oil based? In this case, you will likely get up to 18 months of usage. Tip: If your water-based foundation dries up prematurely, a harmless remedy would be to mix in a few drops of alcohol-free toner. 
2. CONCEALER: Up to 12 months.
3. POWDER: 2 years.
4. EYESHADOW: Up to 3 years.
5. MASCARA: This product expires fastest; the longest you should keep this bacteria bucket is 3-4 months.
6. NAIL POLISH: Up to 12 months, depending on the quality of the polish. Store in a cool environment away from sunlight.
7. LIPSTICK: Some experts are adamant you should toss your lipstick after 1-2 years while others claim the lifespan is twice as long, 
8. LIP LINER: Up to 3 years.
9. BRUSHES: Should be properly cleaned about every 2 weeks to avoid product buildup and bacteria.
10. SPONGES: Wash weekly; discard monthly.
11. LIP GLOSS: 18 months.
12. PENCIL EYELINER: Should be tossed after 3 years, only if you're sharpening it regularly. 
13. LIQUID EYELINER: Discard after 3 months. Like mascara, liquid eyeliner is also home to bacteria.

While spring cleaning is generally associated with ridding your overflowing closet of out of season garments, many neglect to inspect and rid of old, expired makeup. While the FDA doesn't require cosmetic manufacturers to include an expiration date on beauty products, cosmetics don't last forever. In fact, over a brief amount of time, they tend to dry up, harbor bacteria, and break down. Unfortunately, not only will expired makeup look unflattering, but also it'll increase your chances of contracting a host of infections. However, if your product smells rancid prior to the above mentioned deadline, live by the long standing, foolproof theory: when in doubt, throw it out.

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