Friday, April 5, 2013


Let's face it: there are fewer things more unflattering than orange, streaky lines resulting from cheap, pungent self-tanners. Although there's nothing wrong with using a drug-store tanning product, just know that not all tanners are created equal. In fact, there are a variety of kinds – each tailored for specific skin types, skin tones, and more. While I definitely do not recommend basking in the sun for hours on end, I do approve of Allure's top-shelf list of at home tanners. Yes, they're tried and true and they have my stamp of approval. 

1. L'OREAL SUBLIME BRONZE: Of the above options, this happens to be my personal favorite. It applies fairly dark and dries quickly; therefore, it's tremendously important to be cautious, particularly around your elbows and knees. While this is an inexpensive drug store product, it is possible to gain a dark, believable tan overnight. 
2. ST. TROPEZ SELF TAN BRONZING MOUSSE: If you fear the smell of self tanners, this product is for you. While it doesn't create a stink, it does dry in under a minute. Proceed with caution!
3. JERGEN'S NATURAL GLOW: Another one of my favorites, this foaming tanner allows you to build a gradual, natural looking tan. If you have extra fair skin or loathe streaks, this one is tailored for you.
4. TANTOWEL CLASSIC SELF-TAN TOWELETTE: Of the above options, this one is okay to use on your face. Because it's not dripping in tanner, it will go on softly and evenly for a perfect, even glow. 

Before applying any self tanner, it's extremely important that you exfoliate beforehand! For Allure's full list, visit here

Do you have any bronzing tips?


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