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What woman doesn't want longer, fuller, shinier hair? Even better question: what man doesn't want to run his fingers through long, gorgeous locks? Often regarded as a universal sex symbol, healthy long hair is coveted by few and desired by many. Although sometimes difficult to achieve, long hair is the result of both tender care and unwavering patience. While there is still no miracle pill or scientifically proven way to grow your hair overnight, there remains a helpful list of tips that guarantee rapid progress. 


 When elaborating on her short hairstyle, Michelle Williams explained: “Of course, the only people who like it are gay men and my girlfriends. Straight men across the board are not into this hair!"  
However, needless to say, Williams still looks drop-dead-gorgeous and cute as ever with her chic pixie cut.

If there's a miracle pill out there it's this one. Biotin, a water soluble B vitamin, assists in the growth of hair and nails while also improving basic metabolic function. While you can buy these supplements in grocery stores, the essential vitamin can be found in egg yolks, beans, breads, meat, liver, cauliflower, oatmeal, peanut butter and whole grains.

You've heard it all your life and sadly there's no way around it. You must keep up on regular hair trims in order to maintain healthy hair. Although it sounds counterintuitive, you must trim your ends to prevent hair from gradual breakage, which eventually travels upwards toward your roots. Even as little as 1⁄4 inch every 6-8 weeks will greatly benefit the natural growth process. 

Not only do massages feel great, but they'll also produce fabulous results for your strands. While gently massaging your scalp in circular motions, you are simultaneously stimulating your hair follicles, encouraging blood circulation and hair growth. You can perform this trick as often as possible; whether your hair is wet or dry, make sure both your hair and hands are clean, and massage at your own liberty. BONUS: By using hot oil, you can hydrate your strands and repair damage. Just heat up a store-bought or homemade product, saturate your scalp, and let it soak in the same way you would treat a mask. Instant results include softer, thicker hair! It's a win-win. 

DON'T DO IT. I repeat, DO NOT DO IT. Not only do you have to bust your piggy bank to keep up your artificial hair color, but also you're frying it. Yes - every time you step into the salon for a dye, you are pretty much saying "f*** you" to your hair. While sometimes it is absolutely necessary to preserve your natural blonde locks by bleaching them, the chemicals are very harmful and evidently will lead to breakage. If at all possible, dye your hair every-other month, or skip it altogether. 

The days of the princess at the edge of her bed brushing her hair 100 strokes before sleep are over. Actually, contrary to the legend, the less you brush your hair, the better! Professional stylists agree that the more you comb through your hair, the more damage and breakage you create. Even worse, the damage is heightened when you brush your hair while wet. Instead, try to reserve hair brushing for minimal detangling and styling. 

While there are a plethora of drug store masks and DIY recipes, this one happens to be extremely quick, inexpensive, and extremely effective. While egg whites don't necessarily help grow your hair, they do prime your strands for ultimate shine and growth.
INGREDIENTS: 1-2 eggs, plain yogurt
DIRECTIONS: Beat 1-2 egg whites until foamy then add roughly 5 tbsp. yogurt. Apply mixture throughout your main, allowing it to sit for about 20 minutes. Rinse with cold or lukewarm water.

STAY HYDRATED. I can't emphasize how important this is. Have you ever noticed how dry your skin is when you're dehydrated? The dryness doesn't stop there. When you're parched, your hair suffers as well, leading to breakage and eventually more hair trims. The key is to keep your hair hydrated and moisturized.

All the hard work you've dedicated toward grooming your hair will fundamentally go to waste once you apply high levels of heat to your hair. Although it's fun to wear sexy curls and other heat-induced styles, the high levels of heat essentially fry your hair, making it even more delicate and subject to breakage. While heat products like blow dryers, flat irons and curling irons are difficult to avoid, try limiting usage while growing your hair.

Like all other beauty regimens, it all comes down to your diet. From head to toe, your body is a reflection of what you're feeding it. Just like your other part of your body, the cells and processes that create strong, beautiful hair depend on a balanced diet of whole foods. Some of the best foods are nutrient-dense - think salmon, eggs, nuts, vegetables and fish oil supplements. While rich in protein and vitamin D, your foods should contain omega-3 fatty acids. After all, about 3% of your hair is made up of these fatty acids! They are also found in your scalp's cells and in the natural oils necessary to keep it hydrated. Speaking of diet and hydration, don't forget to drink plenty of water!

Of course, the list doesn't stop here. You should focus on every aspect of your being and ask yourself important questions like, am I getting enough sleep? Do my hair products contain harmful preservatives like parabens? 


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