Sunday, June 9, 2013


Well, it's Sunday - and I, for one, happen to be exhausted. It's been a very fun and eventful weekend; however, it's now time for that much deserved R & R. For the avidly recumbent like myself, your nest is your sanctuary. Therefore, when decorating your home, it's important to pay attention to detail and make comfort the utmost priority. However, contrary to popular belief, you don't need to spend exorbitant amounts in order to make your space luxurious. In fact, adding little touches like votives or fresh flowers are a couple inexpensive measures that truly render your home fresh and inviting.

I admire a space that is chic, comfy, and most importantly clean. I can honestly admit that I get very inspired by hotel rooms - they're clean and built upon contemporary luxury. Although this kind of ambience can be easily brought into your own home, it can easily slip the average hoarder's mindset. However, you can avoid this trap by asking yourself a few essential questions: 1. Do I need this product? 2. Do I use this product? 3. Is it expired and/or out of style? 4. Would this product be more beneficial in a different space? 5. Would someone else enjoy this product more than me? {if so, donate!} ...By answering some basic questions, you can expedite the clean-out process and welcome a new, more lavish living space. In my bedroom, I make sure to include the following items...

1. A sweet note...

To be cost effective, try visiting a wholesale flower mart.
That way, you can put together your own mix, at a fraction of the average retail price.

2. A touch of aromatherapy... 

You can buy "tea light" candles for less than a dollar a piece. And what a difference it makes!
Not only do they smell good, but also they add a touch of sophistication and romance. 

3. A soft throw...
4. Fresh sheets...

I like to keep two sets of bed sheets: while one set is in the wash,
I can immediately put on a fresh set.

5. A touch of bathroom luxury...
One of the fun parts of visiting hotels is smelling their high end bath products. It's easy to bring the same level of luxury into your own home - you can go for high-end quality products like La Mer (pictured above) or you can pick up other great smelling (and more affordable!) products at your local drug store. I love treating myself to a hot bubble bath and salt scrub, followed by body oil and lotion.

6. Linen spray...

Lavender linen spray is an excellent way to freshen up your bed sheets, especially if you sleep
with your pet (I'm guilty of this!). The scent is also known to be an aid for rest & relaxation.
That is a win-win.

Sunday Wisdom...
I'm a firm believer that when one door closes, five more open. :-)
Photo from Pinterest; Graphic Design by Taylor Sullivan
How do you relax on a Sunday?

XO Taylor

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  1. Love your post! Every Sunday I give myself a face peal and read a great book.


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