Saturday, June 1, 2013


As summer begins to unravel, bikini-clad girls everywhere are surviving the heat by shedding their bulky winter layers and exchanging them for airy sundresses and other light garments. Unfortunately, there is another stubborn "winter layer" - this one, however, takes the shape of stubborn fat. Rather than ignoring your cravings, you can kick them to the curb by eating from a diet-friendly list of foods. 

1. GREEN TEA: Not only does green tea help you fend off your cravings, but nutritionists agree that the catechins in the tea prevent the movement of glucose into fat cells, inherently slowing the rise of blood sugar while simultaneously reducing insulin levels and subsequent fat storage. By stabilizing your blood sugar, you're also neutralizing your hunger levels.
2. NUTS: With just a single handful, you can minimize hunger pangs while supplying you with vitamin E, magnesium and antioxidants. 
3. COFFEE: A cup a day can moderately increase your metabolism while also minimizing hunger. The caffeine, as well as the antioxidants, prove miracle working sans sugar and cream. 
4. OATMEAL: Although the carbohydrate content is rather high, oatmeal is slow to digest, rendering you full for hours.  
5. VEGETABLE JUICE: One study proved that a serving of vegetable juice before your meal ended up saving you over 100 calories! 
6. APPLES: While this energy-boosting fruit regulates glucose levels, they are also full of soluble fiber and pectin, helping you feel fuller longer.  
7. CAYENNE PEPPERS: While this cooking additive might not be your number one choice, it should be! By sneaking a few sprinkles on your food, you can assist in your body's natural detox process while also stimulating your digestive system, aiding in weight loss. 
8. AVOCADOS: By adding a small amount to your diet, avocados provide "healthy fats," which are solely comprised of monounsaturated fats, tricking your body into feeling full while resisting "bad" fat cravings. 


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