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The Skinny Rules, written by The Biggest Loser trainer Bob Harper, is your go-to guide to smart eating for a healthy and successful lifestyle. What I like about his approach to health and wellness is that he takes the reader back to the basics, skipping over contemporary disaster-eminent diet fads we often see littered throughout the tabloids. His "skinny rules"  a list of no-fail diet guidelines  can be quickly summed up by a constructive list of do's and don'ts. 

Read on for his full list...

13. Rid your diet of fast foods and fried foods.
14. Eat a real breakfast.
15. Make your own food {eat at least 10 meals a week at home!}
16. Skip high-sodium foods.
17. Eat your vegetables — no excuses.
18. Go to bed hungry.
19. Sleep right.
20. Plan one splurge meal per week.

Before making any drastic changes to your diet, take a closer look at your lifestyle and health requirements. It's often best to consult a doctor or nutritionist before making radical changes to your diet. For a list of fat-burning foods, check out this list.

What do you think of this list? Would you make any changes? Share your feedback below!

XO Taylor

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  1. Number 18...that is the only one I would change...I would get up also hungry and want to eat the entire frig. I will definitely try this...

  2. Lisa - I completely agree with you! I don't know how you could get a quality sleep feeling hungry. I think the point was to not go to bed too full! Thanks for your input! xo

  3. Hi. The idea is to have 1/3 tummy full eat early and sleep early. Resultantly rise early and feed urself not bfr havng a full glass or two of water. Eggs oats juice bran bread cheese tea or coffe and then an apple. I wish I could follow that religiously. But it works

  4. Thanks, Dinaa! I totally agree with you! Although I agree with many of Bob Harper's tips, I'll be the first to admit that going to bed on an empty stomach does not lend a great sleep! :) xo

  5. I go to bed sooo hungry but when i wake up i feel full i dont know why and how


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