Friday, June 7, 2013


Photo from Pinterest; Graphic Design by Taylor Sullivan

What better way to make a bold statement than applying a red lipstick? Not only will you be revamping your tired makeup routine, but you'll also exude confidence - rendering you a total siren. The classic, yet underrated look easy to achieve; however, it takes more than blindly choosing a red and applying it to your lips. 

Photo and Graphic Design by Taylor Sullivan

Many women have convinced themselves they can't pull off red lipstick. This, however, is a misnomer. With the right guidance, you can become a total knockout. The age-old secret to choosing the right red lip is in your skin's undertones. As a shortcut, sample a few shades on your hand, as seen above.

Rule of Thumb:
  • Do you have pink undertones? You should opt for a cherry red.
  • Is your skin more olive? Fortunate for you, you have the perfect palate to wear fire-engine red.
  • Is your skin medium to dark? A deep, true red looks awesome on you. Well done!

To really achieve a sophisticated look, there are a few pointers to abide by.
  • Never pair a bold lip with dark, smokey eyes. This, unfortunately, looks a little clownish and overdone. Instead, it's often best to keep your eyes understated. Let your lips take center stage!
  • Don't match your red lip to your red outfit. This matchy-matchy look is a bit costume-like. Instead, try applying a lip color that's one shade lighter.
What kind of lipstick do you like to wear? Share your comments below!

XO Taylor

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