Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Green with Envy

Photo from MarlaMeredith.com; Graphic Design by Taylor Sullivan

As part of my New Year's Resolution yes, I'm still harping it —I aim to incorporate more wholesome foods into my diet by adding as many fruits and vegetables as my self-discipline can stand. In an effort to kill two birds with one stone, I have decided to put my Vitamix to use by making a breakfast smoothie comprised of both leafy greens and berries in lieu of my routine bowl of cereal. I know, I know, I'm seemingly one among the many literally eating up the green smoothie craze highly visible amongst L.A. natives; however, I lend it more than just a fly-by-night trend as this diet staple is here to stay. 

Do It Yourself

1. Choose Your Green: If you're making a single serving, just one or two handfuls of your choice of leafy green will suffice. I prefer kale or spinach, but you can also use a couple spoonfuls of spirulina. 

2. Choose Your Fruit: Focus on antioxidants! General rule of thumb: the darker the berry, the more dense in nutrition. I prefer adding a blend of blueberries, blackberries, and raspberries. However, you can't really go wrong in this category. 
*Add equal parts fruit to the greens for a more palatable smoothie.

3. Choose Your Base: To create a smoothie-like consistency, use 8-10 ounces of purified water, green tea, or coconut water (my favorite!). 

4. Add a Boost: Ingredients 1-3 will make a good smoothie; adding a boost will make a great smoothie. Some of my favorite boosts include chia seeds for fiber, coconut oil for a dose of healthy fats, or raw maca to improve body circulation while simultaneously supporting the endocrine system. 

xo Taylor

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